Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Visa Update - 13 Sept. 2005

This morning, I met with two people from HR, and things went well. They have some steps for me to take to move forward, and I think we can make this happen.

The problem is that you can't receive your work visa without an actual appartment or address (the hotel address doesn't work)... but it takes a while to find an appartment, especially given that some don't even open up until Novemeber. And I don't want to rent an appartment if I'm not going to have an income. So. Round and around we go.

The plan right now is that I register in Moers (where I'd eventually like to be) with a coworker... just use her address so that things can move forward. She's out of the office today, but I've been trying to reach her on her mobile, so that I can go and register tomorrow.

Until receiving my work visa, I won't be actually working, of course, as that's illegal. But I'll be visiting everyday from 8ish to 5ish and, um, drinking coffee and getting better acquainted with my dear coworkers. :)

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Dad said...

Good news and glad you have a plan to move this forward.

Mary said...

Thanks so much! Im going to talk with my coworker who lives in Moers tomorrow to make sure its ok with her if I use her address... and if so, then its off to the Meldeamt in Moers... so... we shall see. :)