Friday, September 09, 2005

The Flight (read with a British accent for the full effect)

British Airways!! They were hilarious! Sure, I realized that the Brits speak with accents... but its one of those things you hear about and see on tv, but really just have to experience for yourself. At World Market, the occasional Brit would come in and I'd smile when I heard them speak... but that was nothing compared to this. I even found myself asking for tea and biscuits (yes, they actually handed these out!) in a British accent. Is that comparable to lying? Is that wrong?

And, of course, on the way to the London-Heathrow airport, I listened to Beatles music. Jai guru deva om...

Here's another interesting tidbit: when I was talking with a guy who works at the hotel I'm staying at and he asked me if I was Austrian. Austrian? Embarrassing!! Is my accent that bad? :) At least I don't have that much of an American accent, though, right?

The hotel I'm in is ok... no refridgerator, which is hard to do without for a month... but at least I might be able to shed a few pounds and fit into some old jeans. Or maybe not. German chocolate doesn't need refridgeration...

Lyric of the day: Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann und mir stehts auch im Blut... (my father was a wandering man and it also runs in my blood...)

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