Thursday, May 29, 2008


*takes a two-week-or-so break to write other things*

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What's one to do...?

I just want to be...

... I think the spaced- out- dreaming- slightly- emotional- romantic- in- the- unromantic- sense- idealist is somehow becoming stronger. And the fact that I'm not alone on this psyched- out- free- falling- wavelength doesn't help the situation. Or maybe it does. It depends.

I love the sea. I love when the sun's shining and you can float in the water. I love watching the waves when it's over-cast and windy. I love looking into the vast distance. I love racing bare-foot across the sand.

Sometimes there are moments in life you wish would never end.

I've had people tell me they can't imagine what Heaven would be like, wondering what they'll be doing for eternity, and whether or not it will be boring. I don't understand that kind of thinking. Though I'm the first to confess my own extreme pessimism, I also have to say that I've had enough (I can count them on one hand, probably) moments where I wished time would just freeze for eternity and I'd be happy.

La la la.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


This weekend was slightly out of control. To make a long story short, a friend and I decided Saturday morning to spontaneously drive to Calais, France. After making it through Belgium and France, my poor sweet Scaramouche freaked out at a gas station at 3:00 AM in Holland and wouldn't start.

Have any of you tried to sleep in a car at a gas station on the German-Dutch border? Not cool. Especially with a faint stench of brie in the car.

But at least the landscape was beautifully green, the windy picnic in the hills was lovely, and we got to splash around in the English Channel. Life doesn't get much better than that.

I'll post some pictures later... I think I'm going to go to bed now. Yay for sleeping in my own bed as opposed to a Volkswagen passenger seat.

Monday, May 12, 2008

House-hunting and Revenge and Strawberry Ice Cream

A decision has been made! I've decided to go with Letter C on the second question, meaning I'll be rolling in the dough in a couple of months. You don't believe me? Wait and see. Frau Barber the Money-Laundering Monster is about too have her revenge for the chauvenistic office crap she's been forced to deal with.

Which means... I'm going to have several million extra Euros floating around. So I've decided to purchase a house. A couple of weeks ago I was with my friend Penelope (hehe, you probably won't like that code name) in Krefeld and we found a couple of potential houses.

A pink mansion... what could be better? I think that if I lived there, I'd always be happy and sweet and summery. Like strawberries & cream ice cream. Maybe that's the answer to life's questions: eating strawbery ice cream on the front porch of your pink mansion and thinking happy thoughts.

No, seriously, I wouldn't really want to live in a mansion... it's too large, too "spiessig", and too much work.

We continued walking down the street and came across the cutest quaintest little cottage... now that's the type of house I'd seriously like to live in. But not in the middle of the city... in the middle of the country.

And I'd have a strawberry patch in the garden in the back. Is this not the most adorable little house?


Strawberries are sweet, but revenge is sweeter. Muahahaha.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Floating, Falling...

I feel like I'm wading in very dangerous water. It's like this: a while ago, I somehow got distracted while wandering down this winding path called Life and ended up standing on the side of a river.

I realized I had wandered from the path, but it looked safe enough until I faintly saw a sign in the distance. Instead of turning back to continue on the path, I made my way toward the sign, to discover "Deadly Current" written in hand-painted red letters. Again, instead of turning back, I decided to simply feel the water with my finger-tips. Nothing harmful, of course. And then I decided to cool my feet. Before I knew it I was wading. Now I'm standing in the water, feeling the current pull me further away from the riverbank, and wondering whether to throw myself in or to turn around. But is it too late to turn back? Would I even find the way back to the original path? Is there really a Point of No Return?

This picture was taken in Hollandia, by the way.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Work Vocabulary Test

Though I've been here a couple of years, I still have a ton to learn vocabulary-wise. Especially at work. Yes, I can speak German for the most part, but there are still quite a few words I've yet to learn.

Here are some words I've learned at work recently... just normal every day words.

der Rechtsverdreher: Lawyer

I always thought "Rechtsanwalt" was "lawyer", but was evidently wrong.

das Irrenhaus: company headquarters

der Henker: Boss

Doesn't "Chef" mean "Boss"? This was slightly confusing.

der Verdacht: suspicion

seine Pappenheimer kennen: to know your co-workers

abzocken: to rip off or screw

(I'm not going to even say in which context this was used.)

die Einzelwertberichtigung: bad debt

Yay for long German words.

willkuerlich: arbitrarily, at random, haphazardly

(This word should be non-existent in a Finance Department, if you ask me.)

Hopefully this'll give you a taste of what goes on at work. :)