Friday, June 27, 2008

Slowww Motion

I feel like my life is moving in slow motion at the moment, which is odd because time has the tendency to fly. And I feel like an outside observer - watching myself move from one confusing situation into the next. It's weird. Like an amateur theater piece whose plot and characters I can control and influence to a certain extent.

Sometimes I kind of want out. And when I think about it, it wasn't even my decision to be here in the first place. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong place. Or the wrong continent. Or the wrong century. Or the wrong planet. Or the wrong dimension. But that's a topic we'll leave for another day.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dots and Lines

Which Monet painting do you like better? And why?

This is more important than some of you might think. Each painting represents a different path of life, a different set of decisions, a different manner of thinking, a different way of interacting with people. I think one of these paintings is going to be my "Theme" painting (usually I have a theme song or saying) in the next phase of life.

And now the burning question is which one.


I need something tangible, something visible, something concrete. Like dots and lines from the 19th century.