Monday, May 03, 2010

You Can't Do It!

It's odd... sometimes, the thing that motivates me the most is when people have pretty much given up on me and told me that I'm unable to accomplish something. There's a certain unexplainable appeal in proving people wrong. In the past months, I've been performing well under my potential in quite a few areas... partially due to a huge amount of pressure and frustration, but also partially due to apathy (ok, that's synonymous for laziness... I admit it).

For example...

"I think the church finances are too much pressure for you... we're going to hand them over to someone else."

Then miraculously... the data seems to have taken care of itself.

Or... "You should consider checking yourself into a clinic."

And suddenly life seems a little less tragic and a little more humorous.

"Why don't you come home? You could stay with us while you're looking for a new job..."

Yet somehow the sun seems to shine a little brighter in Germany. For now, at least.

It's like when I was a child taking piano lessons... there was a constant battle with one of my piano teachers because she wanted me to play certain songs which were, in my opinion, rather dull. And I had my heart set on Chopin.

"Oh no, you're definitely not ready to play Chopin yet..."

And a month later I had mastered my first Chopin piece, completely on my own, to the amazement of my piano teacher.