Monday, May 12, 2008

House-hunting and Revenge and Strawberry Ice Cream

A decision has been made! I've decided to go with Letter C on the second question, meaning I'll be rolling in the dough in a couple of months. You don't believe me? Wait and see. Frau Barber the Money-Laundering Monster is about too have her revenge for the chauvenistic office crap she's been forced to deal with.

Which means... I'm going to have several million extra Euros floating around. So I've decided to purchase a house. A couple of weeks ago I was with my friend Penelope (hehe, you probably won't like that code name) in Krefeld and we found a couple of potential houses.

A pink mansion... what could be better? I think that if I lived there, I'd always be happy and sweet and summery. Like strawberries & cream ice cream. Maybe that's the answer to life's questions: eating strawbery ice cream on the front porch of your pink mansion and thinking happy thoughts.

No, seriously, I wouldn't really want to live in a mansion... it's too large, too "spiessig", and too much work.

We continued walking down the street and came across the cutest quaintest little cottage... now that's the type of house I'd seriously like to live in. But not in the middle of the city... in the middle of the country.

And I'd have a strawberry patch in the garden in the back. Is this not the most adorable little house?


Strawberries are sweet, but revenge is sweeter. Muahahaha.


swenja said...

das war ein richtig schöner nachmittag!

Mary Elizabeth said...

fand ich auch. Und wenn ich das haus habe werde ich hinten im garten einen teich haben mit pinguinen. aber keine komische affen die komische sachen essen. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! That is the cutest little house I've ever seen! But I must admit I'm not following the revenge aspect of the entry...
Love you sweetie --

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Sarah B