Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Appartment Decision!!!

Why are decisions so difficult to make? Especially when I really don't know the ins and outs of cultural idiosyncracies and language, and there are no clear blacks, whites, rights or wrongs.

All that to say... a decision regarding the appartment has been made. I'm moving into a little one-room place this coming Saturday. It's like a dorm room in someone's home. A 350 Euro dorm room that I have to pay for myself... but hey... not only am I buying a dorm room, but I'm buying time and sanity as well. MUAH!

1-hour parking pass in Moers-Mitte: ,50€ . Glass of Kirschenschorle: 3,50€. New jacket at H&M: 59,00€. Monthly rent: 350,00€. Sanity: Priceless. There you have it.

I spoke with Bizarro Mom (the lady at church who reminds me of my own dear mother) today about the contract and the situation, and she thinks it's a good move as well. She and another family in the congregation said I could stay with them... which I appreciate... but I really want to have my own place at this point. Let's practice a little independence here, shall we?

She also said that the area where I'll be in is a really good one... some of the town officials live there. Yes! Official people! She also said that she'd go bike-shopping with me, which would be awesome. Maybe I could even go on MTV-Deutschland... ya know... Pimp My Fahrrad. :)

The only problem with deciding on a temporary appartment is that another appartment decisions looms in the near future. But I won't think about that now... baby steps, people, baby steps...

Quote of the day: "Serenity now! Serenity now!!!" (this was for you, Shelby!!)

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dad said...

You made the right decision. The next apartment decision will be much easier. You'll be settled in and understand more.

Rori said...

I look forward to photos!

Shelby said...

WOW!! A quote of the day dedicated to me! I feel so honored!!! This day will go down in history for me - to be a part of the coolest blog on earth...:) I really miss having you around here, but I'm very excited for you and very proud of you!
:) Shelby