Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Fav Appartment, incl. kind lady with British hubby

Here are some pictures of my new favourite appartment:

An der Linde Appartment

I visited this place today, and it's officially my new favourite. It's in a quieter area of town, is very comfortable-feeling and has all the necessities. The lady who is renting it was great, as well... we ended up talking for almost an hour, which isn't normal, as my other appartment appointments have taken about 10 minutes.

One thing that really stood out in my mind was her description of the current renter. She described his personality and the way he carried himself, which means that they spent time together and had a decent relationship. She spoke highly of him, as well as of several previous renters, which is also a good sign. Her husband is actually from England, so her English is fabulous as well... which is good and bad... heh, she wanted to speak English the whole time! And I wanted to practice German, of course. Ah well.

The one problem is that it isn't free until November 1 at the earliest, as she's not sure when he will move out. Which means I might have to live in the hotel (or a different appartment temporarily?) for another month. Bleh. I like it here and all... but I'm ready to have my own little place.

Lyric of the Day: I want it all... I want it all... I want it all... and I want it now. :)

(Thank you, Queen.)

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Rori said...

Hi! Thanks for posting on your myspace about your move.

That apartment is delicious!