Thursday, September 01, 2005

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why write? What's the point?

    This page was originally created to keep everyone at "home" (Austin, Texas - keep it weird!) updated when I moved to Germany. Over time, as the audience has morphed, so has the goal. Through writing, I'd like to bridge the gap, in a way, between two different groups of people, two different cultures, two different ways of thinking. I'd encourage anyone who reads this to take advantage of the situation and contribute any thoughts or ideas!

  • I tried posting a comment, but it didn't work.

    You're not the only one. If you'd like to post a comment, thought or idea and are unable to, please e-mail it to me (or let me know through some other, old-fashioned means of communication) and I'll happily post it for you.

  • Who is ___________? (insert name)

    Please check out the List of Characters page. If they're not listed there, then I'm not doing my job correctly, and you ought to let me know.

  • Can I get automatic e-mail updates when you post something new?

    No... unfortunately, doesn't allow that. This page is updated several times a week, so if you check every few days you're bound to find something new.

  • I sent your blog link to a friend/ cousin/ roommate/ co-worker/ Great-great-uncle-Albert-half-removed in Belize... is that ok?

    Of course; that's why I write. Just please don't copy anything, quote anything, use anything, or turn anything into a Saturday Night Live skit without my explicit permission.

  • Are you in therapy?


  • Click here to e-mail me.

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