Friday, September 16, 2005

My own personal Greek Boy!

Actually, he's not a boy. And he's not tall. And he has a Greek accent rather than a NY one. And he doesn't sing, stick out his tongue at the camera or fall on his butt on national television (that I know of). But he's my new Greek friend nonetheless.

We met a while ago in the hotel lobby... he needed help with his cell phone. And since the hotel owners know I work for Siemens now... who do they ask for help? Yup. Since I've worked for Siemens for two entire days now, I'm a technical engineering genius when it comes to mobile phones. Including Nokia phones. Heh.

Seeing how different people live and think has always fascinated me... and this guy definitely presents an outlook different than any I've seen before. He owns a little pizza place in the next town over, and I went to see it last night. What a way of life. Buying, selling, no stability, no insurance, mooching off the government when need-be, working crazy hours...

When we were talking, I couldn't stop thinking of Kramer on Seinfeld. He was a slightly mellow Greek Kramer.

"You need an appartment? I know someone who rents them really cheap..."

"You need a washing machine? A friend of mine..."

"You don't have your work permit yet? A good buddy of mine works for the government and he can help..."

"Have you eaten? An Italian friend of mine owns a bistro... let's go get pizza..."

"You need furniture? A friend has a shop..."

It's insanity!

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Dad said...


Dad said...

When in Germany... focus on the German boys.

Mary said...

My own father is telling me to focus on the German boys? :)

Sandy said...

Don't listen to your father! I'm loving the thought of you having your own little greekboy...