Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How I love technology... but not as much as you, you see...

... always and forever. :)

I've finally gotten a mobile phone: a Siemens C65, which is quite an amazing little piece of plastic. And it even has a camera in it, which is absolutely necessary for me, of course, being the international business woman that I am. It's crucial that I have a mobile phone that's on the very forefront, technologically speaking. You see, if I didn't have a camera in my phone, I wouldn't be able to do important business-type things such as, um, take pictures of Constantine off of the computer and use them as wallpaper on my phone.

That aside... I visited my favourite little appartment today, and I think it might work. Here are some pictures if youd like to check it out:

Mittelstrasse Pictures

I still need some questions answered, and I have a couple more places to visit... but after that, it's decision time. And I'm really liking this particular one. We shall see.


Dad said...

Yes, nice flat. E600 / mo.?? or how much? That's on the 911 bus line, too, isn't it?

Mary said...

Actually, this one is E450 per month. I emailed Mitwohnzentrale and asked them if it was Strom-Wasser-Hitzung inkl, and I should hear from them tomorrow. Also, it does have a Washing Machine, but its completely down in the basement, which is dirty and dark. So.

I have another Termin tomorrow... so... well see. The location of the one I saw today seems good, though... its on a little street between two busier streets, and its up in the Dachgeschoss, which is cozy and nice. :)