Saturday, September 10, 2005

The first full day...

... really couldn't have been any better!

I met most of my coworkers, and they seem like great people. Our department is surprpsingly young and surprisingly female. I'd say about 80% are female, and about 70% are in their twenties. There's even a group of ladies at Siemens that loves to do beadwork, so I think I'm going to fit in decently well, which is very encouraging. And they're all very willing to help me out and answer any questions, which is nice, because I'm still trying to figure everything out.

We had a fabulous day together... this is crazy, but on my first day in Germany, I went gliding! Glideschirm or Drachenflug is what they call it here, but I'm not exactly sure what the English translation is. It was so peaceful and quiet flying through the air... you could look down and see the countryside, the mountains and the little villages beneath. One of my colleagues compared it to floating through the air in a Garden Chair, which is exactly right.

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