Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Project Pipe Organ

Saturday was, em, interesting.* Not only did I attend my first German wedding, but I played the piano at my first wedding. It was only one song, and the choir sang along, so it wasn't that horribly nerve-wracking or ulcer-inducing.

Ok. I officially have a new project (or, possibly two new projects, if somehow acquiring a helicopter and turning the roof of my appartment into a landing dock can be considered a project): Project Pipe Organ. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is a 16th Century Pipe Organ!

During the wedding ceremony, we sang an old German church song (Gro├čer Gott, wir loben Dich), accompanied by the organ, and it was completely mesmerizing. I'm not sure exactly what happened during that song, or how, or why... but let's just say that I think I now know what it feels like to be in a trance-like state. It was so breath-takingly powerful and holy and overwhelming and angelic and gorgeous and loud. I felt like I'd floated backwards a couple of centuries and was singing with Saint Cecilia herself. Forget quitting work to start a rock band or learn the Drehleier... the new goal is to become the lead Organist in a heavenly choir of Seraphims and Cherubims.

I've already started browsing Ebay for Pipe Organs... hopefully it'll (a.) fit in my appartment and (b.) not annoy my neighbors.

*in both the German and English sense of the word, Eleanor. :)


Civil Sarah said...

I'm right there with ya! Except I'm investigating really nice keyboards (with hammer-action keys) rather than pipe organs. Somehow, I doubt your neighbors will fully appreciate the instrument as you will. That's one nice thing about the keyboard... volume control! :-)

Mary Elizabeth said...

But what if you don't want volume control? What if you want to shatter your windows with holy music?

Emilie0587 said...

You are SO funny!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Your mom is funny.