Sunday, September 24, 2006

Holy *KRACH*

Guess what happened this morning... I played a PIPE ORGAN, thanks to Bizarro Mom!!! It's hilarious - she's so curious and friendly and crazy and nosy, with her nose in everyone's business, that she has serious connections. Last week after work I somehow* ended up at their place, which is where the plot begins to unfold.

Bizarro: "So, what do you think about learning to play the organ?"
Mary: "What? Are you serious?"
Bizarro: "I know the Hörstgen church organist... you could even take lessons."
Mary: "Em..."
Bizarro: "I'll call her up."
*ring ring*

And the rest is history.

Sure enough, I went to the little village church in Hörstgen this morning and was given a brief history of the organ and was then allowed to play it. It was weird... there was only one level of keys (as opposed to the usual two or three levels), and the pedals corresponded to the lower half of the keys. It was extremely difficult for me to play because it only had approximately 25% - 33% as many keys as a piano. All the songs I play (especially the classical pieces) require practically the entire set of piano keys, so when I sat down at the organ, it felt rather crammed and constricted and confusing. But I managed to play a couple little bits of this and that.

I wanted to mess around more, but there were some older people there who were trying to drink their after-church-coffee, so I felt bad (especially after one cranky old fart shushed me). The organist and the pastor said that if I ever want to play, I should let them know and they'll give me the key to the church. CRAZINESS!

I think I might have found a new hobby/challenge/obsession.

*well, it was actually a conscious and deliberate decision.

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