Thursday, October 05, 2006

Work Update, 04.10.06

The work atmosphere is horribly depressing. And. I'm. having. a. hard. time. dealing. with. it.

I don't usually get angry, but the current situation really puts me off. So, as usual, I'm coping by turning it into either poetry or a joke.

Anyway. I decided to call Uncle Dubyah today as a last resort.

*ring ring*
Secretary: "Thank you for calling the White House, how may I direct your call?"
Mary: "Hey, it's Mary. Is Uncle Dubyah there?"
Secretary: "Of course, just a second."
*click click click*
President Bush: "Buddy the Elf, what's your favourite colour?"
Mary: "We have a serious situation here!"
Bush: "What's going on, kiddo?"
Mary: "I'm really ticked off at Taiwan."
Bush: "Yeah, I never liked the Middle East that much... ya know, all those crazy Latinos."
Mary: *scratches her head* "Well, I have a new mission for you."
Bush: "Does it involve explosives?"
Mary: "Would you turn Taiwan into a parking lot? Or a landing strip? Or maybe a theme park?"
Bush: "Let me check my calendar..."

And we'll be checking the international news.


Leo said...

I called Angela Merkel up this evening and she said that she herself wouldn't make Taiwan platt. But she most certainly wouldn't do anything to stop anyone else from doing so. Tacit aproval, my Darling, sweet tacit approval.

Civil Sarah said...

Haha I love Will Ferrell's Bush impression! (not that you're referring to that, but he does definitely look like Bush.)

I'm sorry things aren't going well. I'm praying for you!!!

Emilie0587 said...

I love you MARY!! I had a dream about you the other night actually. We were watching a play or something.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Leo - Beautiful work, Darling. I know I can always count on you to mercilessly wreak destruction and havoc on unsuspecting, yet deserving, Asian targets.

Sarah - same here! The best Will Ferrel ever, though, was the Cowbell. Now that's some hilarious television.

Thanks for your prayers... they're definitely needed.

Emilie - Hmm, strange. Was it a musical, perhaps? Involving yodeling puppets, boys in Lederhosen and conniving nuns?

I love you too, chica!