Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Never-never Land

Last night* I somehow ended up in a deserted mansion in Never-never Land. There was this ancient ornately carved wooden piano in the hallway that I unfortunately wasn't able to play, as Wendy, John, Michael and I were being hunted down by evil beady-eyed Taiwanese Business Men**. Fortunately we escaped, thanks to a Narnia-esque Wardrobe filled with mothball-laden clothes, perfect for hiding in.

Peter Pan showed up late... but instead of being a normal-sized human being, he was a little flying green Lego Man.

Tinkerbell was nowhere to be seen.

Life gets weirder by the day (or by the night, should I say?).

*in another bizarre dream of mine

**actually, by Captain Hook and the Crew

1 comment:

katherine said...

hilarious :-)

i miss you mary! and i'm praying for you a lot. love you!!!