Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Should I turn my driving instructor in...?

Today, Teddy told me that I have deep psychological issues with my driving instructor, and I think he might be right.

Had another driving hour yesterday... and there were two rather interesting occurences:

1. My instructor was pretty snarky towards the two other students... which is comforting, in a way (Schadenfreude!) because now I know I'm not the only one who gets yelled at and scolded.

2. He chatted on his cell phone practically the entire time, which at first was no problem; he does it all the time. Interestingly, when he realized there was a police car right behind us, he quickly hung up. I naturally asked if he was allowed to speak on the phone, and he admitted that he isn't. *scratches her head* Hmm... so... I get screamed at for driving too slow, for not looking in the mirrors enough and for breaking to avoid hitting pidgeons, but he chats illegally on his phone???


Ok, time for a poll:

Should Mary call the police department and turn her driving instructor in to the authorities?
(a.) YES! Because revenge is sickeningly sweet, baby!
(b.) Yes, because what he did was illegal. It's my moral duty to turn him in.
(c.) Yes, why the heck not?
(d.) No, because he might have dirt on me...
(e.) No, leave the poor man alone.
(f.) NO! Why would you do such a horrible thing? It was a stupid harmless conversation!
(g.) Other: ________________________.

Please return this questionnaire directly to me, along with any personal assistant applications, which I'm still (unfortunately) accepting.


Leo said...

If I were real, I'd kick his butt for you.

Emilie0587 said...

1. what the heck does snarky mean?
2. i thought you already took your driving test
3. you should tell your instructor about jesus
4. I still think you should write a book

Mary said...

Thanks Leo, Darling.

1. Snarky means smart-alec-y.
2. Yeah, um, I'll tell you about that later.
3. Not a bad idea...
4. Stop the abuse! Stop the abuse!

G. said...

Oh Mary, so naive. Don't turn him in, use it as blackmail! It's self serving, AND satisfying!