Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mission Sunday Piano Playing: Part II

As Syd was wandering about and camping out under the open sky this weekend, Helmut and I undertook the task of leading the music again this Sunday morning.

When it comes to the Sunday morning music, everyone here is so laid-back and last-minute. My goodness. Here's how the preparation and such looked this past week:

Monday: received a "furchtbar direkte" e-mail from Bizarro asking if I'd play

Wednesday: received some song suggestions from Eleanor

Thursday: practiced with Helmut for the first time

Saturday: practiced with Helmut for the second time; realized the transparency for a certain song was missing/non-existent; determined a back-up song; decided to play a sweet and simple Chopin piece for the prelude

Sunday, 9:35 am: Neal shows up with his flute and says he'll accompany us; looked around for Helmut

Sunday, 9:40 am: chose a new Prelude (a.) so Neal can play along and (b.) so I didn't have to play alone; kept looking for Helmut

Sunday, 9:45 am: practiced all the songs again, this time with Neal; wondered where the heck Helmut is

Sunday, 9:50 am: told the Moderator that we were going to play our back-up song due to the missing/non-existent transparency; wondered if Helmut had fled the country

Sunday, 9:55 am: Helmut waltzes in

Sunday, 10:00 am: and the service began...

... and throughout the entire process, I didn't even freak out. Even though I had to change a song in the last minute, change the Prelude in the last minute, wait for Helmut, and play with Neal for the first time, I stayed calm and collected. It was weird, but in a very good way.

Deciding the Sunday songs the Wednesday before is actually progress, believe it or not... here's a typical example of Syd's schedule:

Saturday evening: receives a list of songs

Saturday night: practices the songs

Sunday: and los gehts. And action.

Yup, that's right, folks. One day beforehand.


Lyric of the day: "Ob es der Frühling ist, ob Herbst, ob Winter, ob ich den Sommer sehe in seiner Pracht. Du hast die Welt Dir geschaffen zum Zeugnis, Dir nur zum Ruhm und zum Preis Deiner Macht." (thanks to the lovely classic hymn, "Great is Thy Faithfulness" in German)


helmut said...

....hey, sorry but I thought I told you the reason for my Delay. I haven't slept the half of the night. And I was very angry about that, but could not change it in the night.
Then in the morning near to 10 I woke up and had to hurry... and I was inwardly very sad, that I was late.... and sad, because I cannot say it is not my foult, because I always find a reason why some sad stories are happening in my life.
So please allocate me, when I made you badly excited...
see you later

Mary said...

You did tell me what happened... don't worry about it. And, like I wrote, I didn't freak out throughout the entire situation - I figured you'd be there, and we'd practiced beforehand, so I knew there wouldn't be a problem.

Sorry if the post was a little harsh... I was just being silly. Don't worry about it. :)

And I'll happily kill it or change what I wrote if you so desire.

Emilie0587 said...

that's great! I really want to hear you play. Maybe next summer when we visit, you can play again and we can hear you! Oh, sorry I couldn't talk to you on the phone the other day, Katie and I were having a very serious conversation, but next time will be a must. I love you sister.

Mary said...

Hey chica! No problem. And yeah, maybe when you guys visit I can play a song or two, if it's ok w/ Syd and Helmut. :)

Speaking of playing... YOU STILL HAVE MY PIANO BOOKS AND I WANT THEM BACK!!!! Those worship ones, darn it!