Monday, June 19, 2006

A Canadian (and encouraging!) Weekend

This weekend was so perfect! Sydney actually spent last year studying in Canada, and two Canadian friends (they're the cutest couple! - they got married last summer after knowing eachother for a mere nine months, and Syd played the piano for the wedding) visited him and the family this past long weekend.

So much happened, and I'm not even sure where and how to start writing... so... it's time for another High-light-list. *takes a deep breath* Here goes:

1. clicking right away with Dee*, the crazy Canadian. It was so nice to have a girl my own age to talk with... and in English. My goodness! And we even had some nice girl-talks. :)

2. going on a Cologne Excursion with Syd, Dee, Scott and Mr. P** (Bizarro's husband aka Syd's dad aka one of the most calm, controlled and peaceful people I've met... except when it comes to wrestling with the other guys on the kitchen floor when Bizarro and I are trying to do the dishes).

3. riding a boat up and down the Rhine River and taking in the fresh air and the sights

4. walking up approximately 509 steps to the top of the Cathedral in Cologne

5. seeing the Silver Man again!

6. watching Dee's reaction to things I've come to accept as normal... such as driving 180 on the Autobahn and drinking beer in public places

7. watching Mr. P and Syd analyze every technical occurrence. The minute something moves, creaks or makes a noise, the two of them are right in the middle figuring it out. It's great. :)

8. singing God of Wonders (in English!) Sunday morning

9. spending Sunday afternoon at Bizarro's with the Candians and half the church (grill party!)

10. speaking a strange mixture of German and English with everyone...

Mary: "Yada yada yada."
Eleanor: "Blah blah blah."
Mary: "Wait... were we just speaking in English?"
Eleanor: "I think so..."
Mary: "Why?"
Eleanor: "Good question..."

Language is so weird sometimes.

11. looking at family photo albums

12. being extremely immature... which resulted in me getting drenched by the baby pool. I think I was more mature (or maybe I just didn't know how to let loose and goof off) in high school than I am now. Yikes.

13. going on a tractor ride

14. simply being with everyone... Bizarro invited half the church over Sunday afternoon, and we really have a wonderful group... I'm always amazed. They're seriously one of the most warm, welcoming, comfortable groups of people.

And the list comes to an end...

Scott and Dee's visit was a huge encouragement and blessing. In the past month or so I've worked myself into a sort of rut that I can't seem to get out of. But things are looking brighter now for various reasons, and their visit is one of them. Everyone and everything was just very positive and encouraging.

When I upload pictures of our excursions I'll post some... wanted to do that tonight, but decided to bake brownies for our Choir summer party tomorrow instead. :) Mmm...

Oh, and it's true that Canadians say "eh?" a lot. Hehe.

Lyric of the day: "God of wonders beyond our galaxy... You are holy, holy. The Universe declares Your majesty... You are holy, holy..."

*name unchanged and privacy unfortunately unprotected

**name slightly changed to protect privacy

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