Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Biking to work...but only 'cause I have to.

Today I biked to work and felt like a real German. Well, a really dumb German who's unqualified for her driver's license... but a German nonetheless.

And it was uphill and against the wind both ways.

Whine, gripe, moan, complain, jammer, whimper, grumble, yada yada yada.


Leo said...

You're nothing but a really dumb whiner.

Mary said...

At least I'm not non-existent, like you. You're nothing but a pathetic figment of imagination.

Leo said...

But at least I'm not dumb. And I don't gripe and complain.

Mary said...

But if you existed you would, as it's part of being a living, breathing, human being. That's something a dictionary can't comprehend. Sorry darling.

Leo said...

Shut up.

Civil Sarah said...

Biking can't be that bad! I'm going to bike to work... sometime. ;-) The only problem is, I haven't started my job yet. :-P

You and Leo apparently have some issues. You should make him some cookies... that seems to solve all problems. :-)

Karen said...

I'm sorry to hear about the license fiasco. How long until you can try again?

If it is any consolation, I won't let Ben get his license either. He turned 16 in February, but I want him to have more practice.

Hang in there, Now that the nervouse jitters are gone, you will pass it next time.

Mary said...

Sarah - nah, biking's not that bad... it's actually nice to be within biking distance from work, I've concluded. :)

Thanks for the cookie advice for Leo... I might have to take you up on that. We really do have issues.

Karen - So, how much practice does Ben need until he's ready? Will there ever be enough? :)

I have to wait at least two weeks to take the test again, but I think I'm going to wait three or four. On the Saturday when I could take it again, a friend of mine is going to have company from Canada and they're going to Cologne for the day. This is much more appealing than a driving test... :) We shall see.