Saturday, March 04, 2006

Now accepting applications...

Contrary to popular belief, this entry is not a joke.

These past couple of days have proven that I'm in dire need of a secretary or personal assistant. If you or someone like you needs a job and is interested in the position (sorry, it's unpaid), please send me your resume', a brief description of why you are qualified for the job, and chocolate in any form.

This position requires bilingual skills, organizational skills, and an above-average amount of sanity (in order to compensate for my lack thereof).

Here's a brief summary of what your new job would entail...

1. Planning about 15 cost centers for the coming fiscal year in addition to carrying the normal end-of-the-month work load.

2. Multiple business meetings throughout the week.

3. Taking and making my phone calls (I'm very behind here).

4. Returning to ADAC in Duisburg to pick up my drivers license (yes, I've been driving without it for the past several weeks).

5. Writing thank-you notes.

6. Dealing with personal finances and bills.

7. Doing laundry, doing dishes, and cleaning.

If a secretary/PA could take care of these things, it'd free me up to actually be able to study and prepare for my driver's license tests. And play the piano. And finish the scarf I've been crocheting for months. And finish the book I've been reading for months. And maybe go to Greece or Uzbekistan. And not be so freaking stressed out 24/7.

I need my little chica here to tell me, "Eh, it'll all work out." Maybe in May.

Lyric of the day: "Someday you will find me caught beneath a landslide... in a champagne supernova in the sky..." (Thanks to Oasis)


Civil Sarah said...

Too bad you threw in that "bilingual" stipulation... I don't think I'm qualified. Although answering phones sounds entertaining to say the least... particularly if everyone involved does not speak language other than their native tongue. I could handle the laundry and cleaning... the dishes don't speak German too, do they? :-)

Mary said...

Yes! My first applicant. :) Actually, the majority of people here speak English... so we can nix the bilingual qualification. You could actually speak Pig-Latin and take the calls from Prague... unfortunately, I can't understand their German or English.