Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Emita

Just got off the phone with my sis... 'twas a lovely hour and a half. She cracks me up. :)

Emita: "One reason I want to switch to a liberal arts major is so that I can do a study abroad and have an excuse to come visit you."
Mary: "You have
got to come visit me! That would be awesome!"
Emita: "Except that I'm broke..."
Mary: "I'll totally help you with the ticket... sure, I might be broke as well... but at least we'll see eachother and be broke together."

Life and its unforseen consequences are so strange. You chase after one dream, only to leave others behind. It's inevitable; you cannot have it all; there's no such thing as a perfect life (actually, there might be, depending definitions and personal philosophy, but that's a topic for another day). In life, you have to make decisions*, and run with them. Being here in Germany has always been a goal and dream of mine... which means I've had to temporarily give up the dream of living in a van down by the river and smoking hookah all day with my chicas.


Emita: "Hey, I have to go... gotta get ready for class."
Mary: "Ok... I love you!! I miss you!"
Emita: "I love you too!"
Mary: "Have a nice rest of the day!"
Emita: "Have a nice life..."

Have a nice life?? What is that supposed to mean?

Emita: "I was totally kidding! You know I'm kidding!"
Mary: "You're going to make me cry!!"

The guilt! The guilt! I'm drowning in it! It's eating me alive (like the Biomuell)! It's suffocating me! *gasps*

Lyric of the day: "Sun lights up my daytime; moon lights up my night. My eyes light up when you call my name 'cause I know you're gonna treat me right... you give me fever." (Thanks to Eddie Cooley and John Davenport)

*including decisions that are slightly less life-altering and life-threatening such as whether to use the Abadi MT Condensed Light font, the Normographe Tryout font, or the Tempus Sans ITC font. Naja. Wird sich hoffentlich Samstag erledigen. Heh.


Emilie0587 said...

yay I feel special. I don't think i've had anyone dedicate an entire post of anything to me! whoop =) I've just spent the last hour looking at all the blogs i've missed...all the way from snow sticking to your pitiful little plant to "have a nice life". You're really talented! I literally lol like 5 times. It's great. I'm going to refer you to Marin. I think she would get a kick out of your postings too. I love you chica! XOXO

Mary said...

Aww, thanks. I love you too! But then again, you already know that. :)

Leo said...

You give me fever, baby.