Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Beautiful, blurred circle around the moon...

After choir this evening, some of us noticed that there was a strange sort of faint, cloudy circle around the moon... it wasn't clearly defined, or clearly around the perimeter... but was simply an extensive, blurred, bluish (blaeulich - the German Word of the Day) ring of some substance. I'd never seen anything like it. It was fascinating.

I had the same feeling looking up tonight as I had when the Hale-Bopp comment passed over good ol' Austin, Texas several years back. Frightening. What goes on upstairs and the intricacies of it all is both uncontrollable, often unexplainable, and beyond what we can imagine.

There's something about the sky and the vastness of it, especially by night, that gives you perspective and puts you in your place. It makes even seemingly important things such as (*ahem*) 1.4 million Euro calculation mistakes seem trivial. There are bigger, more important things in life.

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