Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lucida Sans

After quite a bit of searching, discussing and debating, we finally decided on a font for the church letter-head and banner: Lucida Sans. 'Twas a glorious occasion.

I will get up now and surf about the internet,
through its search engines and annoying pop-up ads.
I will search for the font my heart loves...

Scarcely had I passed when I found Lucida Sans, the one my heart loves.
I downloaded her and would not let her go to my Recycle Bin...
How beautiful you are, my darling Lucida Sans! Oh, how beautiful!

My Lucida Sans in the clefts of cyberspace,
in the hiding places in a myriad of Schrott-font-sites,
let me hear your voice, show me your letters,
for your letters are sweet, sans serif, and slightly italicized....

My font is mine and I am hers; she browses among Powerpoint documents.
Until the day breaks and the shadows flee,
turn, my Lucida Sans, and be like a winzip file,
or like a .ttf file on my rugged (and clogged up) harddrive.

My Lucida Sans is radiant and ruddy,
oustanding among ten thousand fonts.

All beautiful you are, my darling Lucida Sans,
far beyond Petite Medium, Arial and Times New Roman.
There is no type flaw in you.


(Inspired by various bits and pieces of Song of Solomon, especially 3:2-4, 4:1-7, 2:14-17, 5:10.)


Emilie0587 said...

that is GREAT!

Mary said...

Hehe, I was actually thinking of you as I wrote it! Seriously!