Sunday, April 16, 2006


No matter what country you're in, children remain the same bizarre little creatures. Today, a couple of German kids asked me the same types of questions that American kids (and a Swiss kid on a flight from Dallas to Zuerich) have asked me.

Kid: "Do you have a sister?"
Mary: "Yes, I have three, actually..."
Kid: "Where do they live?"
Mary: "They live in America... very far away from here."
Kid: "Does that mean you can speak American?"
Mary: "I am American... and yes, I sometimes speak English."

Is my German really that good? No. Does the kid think I'm a German? I think not. Then again, Americans aren't the only foreigners here in Germany. Maybe she thought I was from Tahiti or Myanmar.

Then the questions as they dropped me off...

Kid: "Is that where you live?"
*points to my appartment complex*
Mary: "Yup, that's where I live."
Kid: "Is that where your mommy lives?"
Mary: "No... my mommy lives across the Atlantic Ocean. She kicked me out of the house because I misbehaved and picked my nose instead of eating my vegetables." *sniff sniff*

Actually, I didn't say that. :)

And another...

Kid: "Do you like Mr. X.?"
Mary: "Um, no."
Kid: "Oh. Well, then do you have a husband?"
Mary: "No."
*hopes that blunt un-expounded answers will bore the child enough to change the topic*
Kid: "Oh. Well, do you have a boyfriend?"
Mary: "No."
Kid: "Oh. How old are you?"
Mary: "Thanks for boosting my self-esteem, kid."

Actually, it was rather amusing and my self-esteem was in no way affected.

Quote of the Day: "Happy Eastern!" (Thanks to Volli)


Leo said...

What?! I thought we were together! And now I find out from your page that we're not? I've had it - we're THROUGH!

Mary said...

How can we be through when you don't even exist?

Leo said...

How can you write I don't exist? Do I mean nothing to you? We're clearly communicating back and forth.

Mary said...

It's all in your (non-existent) mind, Leo.

Leo said...

You think for me, therefore you are (to modernize Descartes' infamous "Cogito ergo sum").

Emilie0587 said...

1) Who is this "leo" guy
2) When are you finally going to get married
3) I'm ready to be an aunt in the next 1.5 years
4) I'm taking German next semester
5) I love you

Mary said...

1) my imaginary love interest who thinks he's real.
2) shut up!
3) ibid, darn it.
4) Yes! I'm proud of you... we'll have to practice together, and if you ever need any help, you know who to ask. :)
5) Back at you!