Saturday, October 22, 2005

My first car! *contains photos*

Here are the facts: 1991 Volkswagen Golf, 90,000 km, automatic (MUAH!), power-steering, sun roof, winter tires, automatic locking, light turquoise... yes.

The price negotiation was pretty intense, but I've always kind of liked that. I remember being in East Asia, where none of the prices are fixed... fun stuff. The listed price was 1,200 Euros, and the guy (it helped that he was about my age, I think... ya know... work some of that Texas charm in frigid Deutschland) told me he'd give it to me for 900. I originally had 800 in mind, but once I saw the car, and saw that there were a few damages, I decided to see if I could push it a little lower. Well, I ended up paying 700 Euros for it, which is pretty darn good. A couple from our church went with me, which was great because he knows all about cars, and he said that he was surprised that we got it for so little. :)

The pressure was definitely on... I spoke with my boss this past week and she said that since I'm an official employee now, and no longer in the transition phase, she'll have the company pay for the rental car for about two more weeks and then I'm on my own. Stress! But, once again, it'll all be good.

Here are some pictures... if you can't see them, click on the picture itself.

As you can see, not only does it match my blog background, but it also matches my favourite retro turquoise pants and the scarf I knit (shout-out to Jennifer for teaching me how to knit!!).


Rori said...

That is SO nice! Volkswagen are very good cars! Is it gas or diesel?

Mary said...

Thanks Rori! It just takes regular gas, not Diesel... though I'm not even sure what the difference between the two is... :)

AlmostMonday said...

Congratulations on your first (adorable) car, Mary! That model seems to run forever and ever.

Mary said...

Thanks AM! Yup, a friend of mine has a Golf that's actually a year older than mine and it has over 200k kilometers on it. Not bad.