Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Logistic Update

This isn't too too interesting... but I do have people (hi, Mom!) asking me for updates, so here goes:

1. I signed an appartment lease yesterday!! For a permanent place!! It was a little nerve-wracking... but Bizarro Mom is the renter, and I trust her, so I'm sure it'll all be good. I'm moving in on October 15th. MUAH! My own place. Sturm-frei Bude. :)

2. Work Permit Update: I'm still waiting for the "authorities" to get back with me on this one. About three weeks ago, they told me it would be four to six weeks. So... I should have it in one to three weeks. That's quite a few pots of coffee...

3. Dorm Room Update: Life in the dorm room is good. The lady I'm renting from is absolutely adorable... she's a widow, so I think she's glad to have someone living upstairs. About once or twice a week, when I come home, she'll have left a piece of cake or pudding or something shes baked for me. :)

4. Helmut Update: Sorry, gals, but I still haven't found my Helmut... though I've met a really sweet guy I'd love to introduce to my sisters (he's the son of Bizarro Mom, but too young for me).

5. Work Update: I'm officially, um, drinking coffee (not working, of course) for BenQ now... as of October 1st, the mobile division of Siemens has become BenQ. There are many unanswered questions and concerns... but that's a topic for another day.

Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts!

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