Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I joined a choir and met a Helmut!

All in one night. Not bad, eh?

Things have been fairly adventuresome these past couple weeks, so when some friends from church asked if I wanted to join the choir, I decided to try it out. I don't sing that well, but I can usually sing in tune, so why the heck not? And let me tell you: it was a total blast!! I never understood how choirs work, so it was quite an interesting experience for me. I always thought that the harmony part was just kind of done by ear - you sing about a third or a fifth note below the main melody... whatever sounds best. But they actually sing the notes off the sheet music... like playing the piano, but with different voices instead of keys. Fascinating.

Man, I should have paid more attention to music theory, though. Naive.

And yes... I met a Helmut... an actual living, breathing, Schwäbisch-speaking Helmut. It was hilarious. Constantine officially has competition. I seriously don't know what's more romantic: my three-seconds of eye-contact with Constantine after the *ahem* concert or gazing into Helmut's eyes and listening to that lovely Bavarian drawl.

I hope no one reading this is taking anything I write seriously.

Lyric of the day: "Alle schöne Dinge dieser Welt wünsche ich mir an dich allein..." ("I wish you all the lovely things in this world...")

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Dad said...

Remember that your father reads your weblog daily, so watch out how many "Helmuts" you write about.

Mary said...

Eh, dont worry... the Helgas far outnumber the Helmuts. ;)