Monday, October 17, 2005

Cigarette Smoke, Paint and Chemicals (aka The Move)

These lovely scents will always remind me of my move. The lady who rented before me was a chain smoker, and I can't get the smoke out! I've never cleaned so much in my life... sure, I clean occasionally, but not on this level. We're talking intense cleaning. Between the smoke stench, painting (which was supposed to help with the smell) and cleaning, I'm on a constant spaced-out high.

Saturday night was my first night in the appartment, and one of the first things I did Sunday morning was go tearing to the balcony for fresh air. Hopefully between the cleaning, candle burning, cooking, baking and painting, things will improve. If not... maybe I'll just take up smoking myself.

Other than the stench, things have been going great. Bizarro Mom, her husband, her son (whose demeanour and expressions are so very eerily similar to the Son of Pamfucius) and another guy helped me move the furniture in. A family in the church just moved back to Germany from Spain and bought quite a bit of new furniture, so they gave me two brown leather couches and a sofa chair, a kitchen table and five little chairs, and a bed! Everyone has been so helpful and generous... a couple of other ladies in the church have gone through their kitchens and given me some things they don't use much anymore... so I'm definitely off to a great start.

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