Monday, August 14, 2006

Driver's License Update

I... think... *crosses her fingers*... that... a solution has been found!

Let's take a moment to applaud and promote Triple A* for so brilliantly supporting me in my plot to somehow obtain driving rights without having to repeat the practical test. For the fourth time (and maybe even more).

I spoke with a Triple A rep (in English!) this afternoon:

Guster: "Thank you for calling Triple A, how may I help you?"
Mary: "Well, I'm living overseas, specifically in Germany, and a slight problem has developed... a problem that I think your International Driving Permit could solve."
Guster: "Indeed. All you need to do is fill out the application, send us a copy of your Texas license and two passport photos, and ten US dollars."
Mary: "That's all? But it's so easy. And cheap. It's impossible."
Guster: "Oh, but it
is possible. In Germany, everything is geregelt and complicated, but part of our job here at Triple A is to find ways around those annoying and nasty little rules."
Mary: "Brilliance. Sheer brilliance."
Guster: "After all... we're Americans. If we think rules are annoying, then we have to fight them and find ways around them. This especially includes rules in foreign countries."
Mary: "But of course."
Guster: "Is there anything else I can help you with?"
Mary: "Actually, yes. Is there any way you could orchestrate a shipment of toxic waste to be sent to a horrid little driving school in Moers?"
Guster: "As you wish."
Mary: "I think I love you."

Now, let's hope that he's right, and that this actually works... and that he follows through with the shipment.

*American version of ADAC


Mary Elizabeth said...

This is a test.

Civil Sarah said...

I hope the Triple A thing works out for ya!! :-)

helmut said...

hey, if you have your driver license, we're gonna cruise around the "Niederrhein"!!
see ya...

Mary Elizabeth said...

Mary - Sie haben Ihre Prüfung NICHT BESTANDEN!

Sarah - me too!!

Helmut - oh, yeah, we will!