Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Heat Strike! (Or, someone from TX please send me a care package w/ an AC unit! ASAP!)

Going on a heat strike and refusing to work until air conditioning units are installed is becoming a more appealing option with each passing day. It's time to contact the Betriebsrat*, folks. One thing I never liked about Texas is the heat... and it's almost as bad here.

Mary: "This is disgusting. Sweating is disgusting and should be avoided at all costs."
Miscellaneous German People: "But you're from Texas!!"
Mary: "That doesn't mean I want to live in a sauna."
MGP.: "But you're used to the heat!"
Mary: "And I'm also used to air conditioners."

Air conditioners. They're marvelous inventions that technologically modern Germans have, for some reason, refused to incorporate into their daily lives. The result? Sitting in a stuffy office, chugging water by the liter to avoid dehydration, running around barefoot in the office, wearing semi-scandalous-non-professional clothes when I have no meetings, heat headaches, and early wrinkles due to squinting.

One nice thing, though, is "Hitzefrei." This is what younger school children (and sweaty employees) have when it's too warm and impossible to work: you simply give up and go home early for the day. And it's allowed.

I've got a fever, and the only prescription is an AC unit!!

*a council who works for the employee's benefits/rights


Civil Sarah said...

I can't IMAGINE not having AC!!! It's hotter than... well, you get the picture. ;-) Basically, it's hot here too! I hope you find some good ways to stay cool!

Emilie0587 said...

wait, you don't have AC at work? I don't get it. Is it because they would only use ir for a short time or something?

Mary Elizabeth said...

Sarah - not only do I get the picture, but I'm in the picture!! :)

Emilie - yes, maybe that's why they don't have it... though if we had it here, we would have used it for at least a couple of months. It's interesting... a lot of Germans even think the AC is uncomfortable/unnatural.

Sarah said...

I don't have an AC unit to send you, but how about a cowbell? :)

Mary Elizabeth said...

Hey Sarah! Do you seriously have a cowbell? That'd be great! :)