Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Postcard from... (guess who!!)

Guess who I received a postcard from today...



... Constantine Maroulis!!!

Here's a photo of it:

It says, "Mary, You Rock... *heart* Constantine *squiggly line*"


I'm sure I'm one of thousands of other people who "rock", but that's ok... I still like my little hand-written postcard, muah!

As I was studying it, I realized that he didn't actually write "Mary". Hmm. How do I know this? Because by night, I'm a CIA hand-writing analyst. Actually, here's why:

1. "Mary" is in all-caps, whereas the rest of it isn't. Most people write either all-caps or not. You don't switch sides in the middle of a sentence.

2. The capital "R" in "Mary" and the capital "R" in "Rock" are obviously different.

3. The letters in "Mary" are closer together and noticeably smaller than the remainder of the postcard.


That's my postcard from The Pretty (and someone else whose job was to write names).


These past several weeks have been rather trying, and I've been forced to re-think and re-shuffle some of my priorities around. Things are becoming clearer, and I'm now understanding the important things of life. Such as writing letters to rockstars. Playing Skat. Lego Technik.

Lyric of the day: "My baby, she wrote me a letter... she wrote me a letter, said she couldn't live without me no more... listen, Mister, can't you see? I've got to get back to my baby once more... any way." (Thanks to Constantine for covering Someone!)

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