Friday, February 24, 2006

First times to second times to patterns...

In the past couple of weeks, I've begun noticing a sort of pattern or cycle in life. The first several months of being here, everything was new... everywhere I went, everything I did, and everyone I met. It was a constant adventure and challenge. Things are settling down and becoming a little more stable now.

For example, we had Inventory at work last week. This time, I was more familiar with how things work, how to prepare, and who to contact. Also, I know my co-workers and how they function better now, which makes things easier.

Then, there was choir last week... we're practicing for another stint at the hospital. The first time we sung at the hospital, I was rather nervous, as I'd never done anything like that before. But this second time will be different.

Yesterday after work, as I was driving to Bizarro Mom's, I started thinking about the first time I drove to their home. It was all about looking at the map every ten seconds, trying to find street names, and wondering if I was headed in the right direction. This time was different... just floating along, listening/singing in the car, not paying attention to much of anything. Except the occasional stop light, street signs, other drivers and cop I passed, of course.

Several people came and visited me yesterday afternoon/evening... and I started thinking about the changes since the first time they came over. I had to give directions, explain where I live, and make sure things were perfectly spic and span. But now, people just drop by. And if things are slightly catastrophic, who cares?

There are two things I strongly dislike using... cleaning supplies and maps. And in the past few weeks, there's been a noticeable decrease in the usage of the two. :)

Life can still be crazy, as I still have a ton to take care of and learn... but it's nice to settle into a sort of pattern, normalcy, stability.

Lyric of the day: "I recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone; I certainly do.... You live, you learn... you love, you learn... you cry, you learn... you lose, you learn... you bleed, you learn... you scream, you learn." (Thanks to Alanis)

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Karen Kenagy said...

Nothing to add to your comments. I just enjoy reading your new perspective on life. It helps me see thing differently too.
This just a note of encouragement to let you know that someone is reading what you write and that is makes a difference in my life. Write on!