Friday, February 17, 2006

Drivers License Complications

If I had to describe Germany with one word, it would be "complicated." All I want is my driver's license, but I'm being forced to jump through a myriad of hoops. If I wanted to jump through hoops, I would have (a) stayed at Texas A&M, where you can not only jump through hoops, but can also jump over hurdles and fight your way through jungles of red tape (b) said good-bye to the cruel world and joined the circus.

A professor used to try to describe people/countries with one word, which can be quite entertaining.

Russia, for example, would be "manic." They're either completely convivial... dancing, singing, telling jokes... or they're depressed. If you and I had to live through their six-month winters, we'd be down too. Then we'd be high as a kite if we saw even one tiny ray of sunshine.

America would be "extreme." We can't seem to find a balance. Everything is either black and white or blurry-grey. Fundamentalism vs. relativism. Fortunately, it's quite popular to be a "seeker"... seeking some form of God, awakening, nirvana, purpose, light, etc. Maybe we'll find that elusive balance.

Mexico would be "laid back." Think: siestas. The whole country takes a break for an afternoon nap. Lovely. Sometimes I think my sisters would make a good Mexican, as she's pretty content, laid-back, and seems to float happily along. Her catch-phrase is, "It'll all work out." And it does.

China would be "industrious." Spending two weeks at a university there, and having several Chinese friends while in college confirms this. No one works and studies as much or as hard as these people do.

Back to Germany being complicated... I was going to describe the complicated process of obtaining my driver's license, but thought it'd be more entertaining to stereotype and generalize other countries and people groups. Yeah, stereotypes are bad... but if they didn't contain a certain extent of truth, they wouldn't exist.

Lyrics of the day: "We're colored people and they call us the human race... we're colored people who depend on a Holy Grace." (Thanks to dcTalk!)

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