Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hohegrete (or, The Retreat)

This weekend was amazing... I went on a retreat with a couple of very dear families and people from church. Instead of actually writing about it (which would take pages and bore everyone to tears), I'm going to list the high-lights. Oftentimes it's the little things that make the difference and make life beautifully meaningful.

- getting to know everyone better

- seeing a glimpse of God's love through people

- late-night talks over tea

- learning how to knit from Eleanor*

- watching people beat eachother up

- singing beautiful worship songs

- singing worship songs in English (though they have a tendency to reduce me to tears)

- going on late-night walks under the stars...

- actually "getting" jokes! (well, most of them)

- learning new words such as "Eierlegendevollmilchsau" - roughly translated, an "egg-laying, milk-producing pig". This term is used to describe something that is capable of everything and makes everyone happy (and is unfortunately non-existent).

- walking arm in arm with Bizarro Mom

- being continuously impressed by how people interact with and serve one another

- trying to create a church logo/slogan with Sydney and Eleanor

- practical talks/sermons

- snickering to myself when the preacher inserted the occasional "Scheisse" (sh*t) and "Arschloch" (*ssh*le) in his sermons.

- fascinating seminar on communication

- singing "my hat, it has three corners" in German

- thinking about life and such

- afternoon naps and journaling

- singing "if you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" in German

- being challeneged

- witnessing a car accident on the Autobahn (albeit minor)

- no computer or telephone for four days

- taking two days off of work

- an ever-deflating personal space bubble

- getting a new Jars of Clay CD (old hymns re-done!)

- goofing off in the snow without a jacket or mittens on, and neither caring nor freezing

- always being the last group to leave anywhere

- convictions, affirmations, focus and encouragement

*name changed to protect privacy

Lyrics of the day: "When peace like a river attendeth my way... when sorrows, like sea-billows, roll... whatever my lot, You have taught me to say: it is well, it is well with my soul..." (Thanks to Horatio Spafford)


Civil Sarah said...

Hi Mary!! It's been forever, but I found your blog from your facebook profile (yes, I'm a facebook stalker, muahaha) and thought I'd drop a line. Sounds like you're having a blast in Germany. I miss the good old Legett days!! Take care and have a great week!!
~Sarah Sumner (the twin... *cringes as she says it*) ;-)
P.S. Feel free to stalk me as well... http://civilsarah.blogspot.com

Mary said...

Hey there! Thanks for the comment... and it's no problem if you stalk me; I can actually be a rather decent stalker myself, muah.
I read up on some of your blog, and it sounds like you're doing well! Congrats on your job... and on the pending move! If you ever want to talk about anything (independence, moving out, being on your own, transitions, etc.), just shoot me an e-mail. I made the transition several months ago, and it's been an interesting and challenging experience. :)
Hugs from Germany,