Thursday, January 25, 2007


Please grant me wisdom, pure and bright,
That I might grasp Your heart's delight
And wisely execute Your plan,
Disregarding Self's demands.

Please give me strength to trust and wait,
To know that You control my fate.
I'll play my piece as best I can,
But recognize You're in command.

Please grant me peace with the Unknowns,
And What's-to-Comes and Whys and Whens
And Speculations and What-Ifs
And Whos and Wheres that never end.

Please let my eyes see only You,
Transfixed on beauty, power, truth,
A life engaged and present-living,
Balanced with eternal-thinking.

Please help me, Love, to love You only,
Truly, purely and completely,
Oblivious to pools and mirrors
Of self-absorption, wants and fears.


Mom said...

Hi sweetie -- so glad to see your poem on your blog. You sound great. I love and miss you!

Emilie0587 said...

I love that poem!!! I'm glad that you put it on your blog. you're getting a postcard soon...

Mary Elizabeth said...

Mom - I love and miss you too!! And thanks for the comment - I'm glad you figured out how it works. :)

Emilie - Thanks chica! I'm excited about the postcard... I sent you one about a week or two ago... have you gotten it yet?