Monday, January 08, 2007

Contradictory Advice

"The job market in Germany is horrible... it's practically impossible to find a job."

"Of course you'll find a job... I'm not worried at all about you."

"You probably won't find a job in Financial Analysis because you didn't actually study it."

"Sure you'll find a job in Financial Analysis... you have experience! You just have to be confident, prove you're the right person, and be willing to learn."

"You eat way too much chocolate."

"You don't eat enough; you're too skinny."

"Germany is so far away from home... are you sure you still want to live there?"

"You're in exactly the right location."

"Isn't it about time for a haircut? Maybe even a pixie cut?"

"Don't cut your hair - it looks good when it's longer."

"Stop playing the piano... I can't hear the television."

"Of course your piano playing isn't annoying! What makes you think that?"

"Are you still interested The Boy Unnamed? Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you'd have gotten together with him?"

"It's good that you ran away from The Boy Unnamed."

"Don't you ever marry a German! You need to come straight home and marry a white boy."

"You ought to marry a German so you can stay in Germany."

"Good heavens!
Why are you living in Europe? I would never do such a thing!"

"I wish I had lived overseas when I was younger... what a great experience."

Anyone out there ever feel, um, torn? Confused? Frustrated? Bombarded with contradicting advice, all from people you love and respect?

*screams and punches a hole in the wall*

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Anonymous said...

hey mary, denk dran es gibt da einen der auf dich aufpasst

er liebt dich mehr ale es je einer von uns tun wird

Befiehl dem Herrn deine Wege und hoffe auf IHN, ER wirds wohl machen.
Psalm 37,5