Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mailbox of DOOM

Over the last several months, I've developed a deep hatred for my mailbox. It started with a few job rejection letters here and there. Ok. Not a huge deal.

But then there are the other letters...

For example, I received a letter from my insurance company back in the day.

Letter: Frau Barber, this is a letter warning you that we're going to extract 700+ Euros from your bank account for car insurance in the coming month. Just to give you a heads-up."
Mary: "WHAT?? I've been biking to work, drenched in sweat (and occasionally rain) for the past three months cause I don't even have my driver's license. And now you're telling me I have to pay INSURANCE?!?"

Then there was the lovely letter from BenQ.

Letter: Frau Barber, though you've already been told by your boss that you're out of a job, and though you moved all your crap out of the office yesterday, this letter is being sent to you so that you have an official written notice for your personal files. You're fired."
Mary: *sniff sniff*

At the beginning of January, I received a letter from some lawyer in Munich about Insolvency. Like I can afford a lawyer. Well, maybe I could if car insurance weren't so freaking expensive...

Two days ago, I received a letter from the Foreigner's Office.

Letter: "Frau Barber, we originally gave you three years on your visa, but because you're out of a job, we're going to have to shorten your visa.* Please contact us as soon as possible."
Mary: "As if things aren't frustrating and discouraging enough, now I have Big Brother stalking me. LEAVE ME ALONE DARN IT."

I guess it could be worse. Instead of a threatening letter I could have received a knock on my door from an Evil Government Spawn of Hades with a tranquilizer gun, a straight jacket, and a ticket back to the States.

*kick you out of the country

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Big Brother said...

I'm watching you, you helpless, pathetic, snarky little creature.