Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Short Love Story (or... Love Letters vs. Blogs)

Once upon a time in the Fall, a Girl met a Boy. She thought she might love him, but after time passed, they decided to call things off. So she cried, packed her bags, and moved to a Land Far Away.

*a year goes by*

The next Fall, the Girl realized that she missed him. So, she wrote him a letter. But things still didn't work out, and she was still in the Land Far Away.

*another year goes by*

One day in November, it dawned on the Girl that it was the Fall again, and that she hadn't written or spoken with the Boy for a very, very long time.

But instead of writing him a letter, she wrote a blog.

The End.



Sarah said...

Hopefully I'll get to the "post a blog" instead of "missing the boy."

Mary Elizabeth said...


Rori said...

Baby steps.