Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Mystery of the "H" Egg

The "H" Egg in my fridge seemed to have sparked questions in the minds of certain curiously snoopy young men. I about fell over laughing when opening the fridge after our Bible Study group this evening, because written next to the "H" was a question mark.

Yes, writing an "H" in permanent marker on eggs is a common occurence for me. And I have my reasons for doing so.

Laura: "Why are you writing about eggs when your mother is visiting you?"
Mary: "I dunno..."
Laura: "You should write about what you two are doing and talking about and thinking."
Mary: "But there's just so much. I don't know where to start."
Laura: "You could be creative."
Mary: "Or I could simply write about the strange egg in my fridge."
Laura: "Whatever you want."

There will be a prize (think: you own, personal "H" Egg) for the first person who correctly guesses what the "H" stands for.

And there might even be a prize for the most hilarious/creative suggestion.


Emilie0587 said...

or it could be Honorificabilitudinitatibus

Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

"Howdy" perhaps?

DieMiriiii said...

Helmut? ;-)