Sunday, November 12, 2006


My Mom is coming to Germany!!!!!!!

My Mom is coming to Germany.

My Mom is coming to Germany.

My Mom is coming to Germany.

I can't believe it! This Friday!

If I realize this is a dream, I'm going to throw myself off my balcony.

Unless, of course, I wake up and I'm not actually living thousands of miles away from my Mamita. Or I wake up and realize that the whole job situation is also merely a bad dream. And the driver's license crap. And the homesickness. And the other annoying psychological drama I bring on myself.

Nah, I love everyone here and I love life here. It's just that I have to deal with an impossible amount of Scheisse at this point and I feel rather inadequate and unable to cope with it all.

But we'll make it... afterall... MY MOM IS COMING TO GERMANY!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! :-)

Emilie0587 said...


DeR ToBi said...

ich freue mich für dich, wenn Mama kommt wird alles wieder gut :-)

I' happy with you, when mom is coming everything is good :-)

Emilie0587 said...

oh, did you ever get my postcard? I wanna make sure i sent it to the right place.

Anonymous said...

ich find das vooooll coool! freu mich voll für dich!!!! :)

Mary Elizabeth said...

Sarah - exactly! :)

Emilie - hehe, this Friday!!! And yes, I got your postcard - you mean the one with the four of us in our pj's on it, right? :) I actually sent you a postcard this week as well... to your Lemontree adress.

Tobi - thanks - and very true. :)

Lizzy - danke - freue mich auch total! :)