Thursday, March 15, 2007

The past half-a-year and the future...

While driving over the Rhein on the Autobahn the other day, I realized once again just how lovely it is here.

And, thanks to a pending work contract, I might just be able to stay here for a little while longer.


In the past half-a-year or so, I've lived through quite a bit... and had I known the events which were to unfold, I probably would have stayed closer to my parents and taken a somewhat "safer" route. But, thank goodness, we're unable to know the future, so I took a (what I'm slowly realizing was rather drastic) step and landed not only in Europe, but in the Center of the Universe itself.

The past half-a-year has been both a difficult time and a time of learning... I'm not sure why things happened the way they did, but many things we'll only understand wayyy post-facto.

Sometimes I wish I could see into the future... why? It's a mixture of curiosity and the desire to somehow mentally prepare for All That Is To Come. But then again... if I knew, I'd probably (a) freak out (b) make different decisions and (c) not focus enough on the present, on what I ought to be doing now.

*shrugs her shoulders*


Rori said...

Oh, I am so happy for you! That makes me cry. :(

I'd like to move to Germany and get a job as Bill's personal assistant. Heh.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Em... you're not kidding, are you? :)

They were in a town near mine a few weeks ago and a friend went to their concert... I thought of you, of course. :)