Thursday, May 11, 2006

Katinka-dabogana in Deutschland!

well, i'm finally here in germany!! yay!!! by the way, this is katherine (also known as katinka dabogana). it was a long flight, without much sleep thanks to the grande starbucks coffee i had in atlanta, but it's definitely worth it!! we've had so much fun already, and it's only been two days! one of the first things we did yesterday was take a nice stroll down the street through the middle of town. the little town reminds me of a fairytail, so we sang a song from beauty and the beast as we passed by the bakery :-) it was great. after that, we went and got spaghetti eis!!! i haven't had that in about 14 years. last night was bible study at mary's appartment. it was so neat to hang out with all of the people that i've been hearing about. we sang some songs in german and english -- it's always cool to hear praise music sung in a different language. today mary woke me up nice and early (around 1pm) and we went to a big mall in a nearby city. it's fun to see little cultural differences, like paying money to use the restroom and smoking indoors. so far, i think my three favorite things about germany are: 1)mary. 2)mary's great little church family. 3)people eat ice cream all the time.

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