Sunday, October 14, 2007


On Friday, Scaramouche and I were pretty anxious to get home. We'd received a letter (which we presumed was from Sebastian) the day before, asking us to please meet him at the Post Office in Neukirchen. We rushed home, rushed to the Post Office, and sure enough, there he was waiting for us.

I'd met him a couple of weeks ago in Cologne, and we had a great time together, so I was definitely excited to finally see him here in Neukirchen. Though it was a little weird at first.

On Saturday, he met a couple of my friends, and then on Sunday, I brought him to church and introduced him to several people, and they seemed to like him ok.

I kind of want to take tomorrow off and spend the day with him, but I unfortunately have to work. But I think he understands, and I know he's happy just hanging out with John, Paul, George and Ringo in my appartment.


DeR ToBi said...


Anonymous said...

sebastian....who is sebastian? belle and her sebastian?hdl karin

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone is catching the love bug! Ok, I'm a dork, I know. Glad to read you're doing well!

Sebastian said...

And we even have the same taste in music.

Anonymous said...

who the **** is sebastian?
Mr Bach?

Mary Elizabeth said...

who the **** are you, my dear Anonymous?