Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It's nice when patterns develop and the Unknown slowly becomes the Known, which is what happened this weekend when I went to Hohegrete for the second time. Last year was great, as was this year.

Here are some high-lights from this year (if you're not sure who someone is, check out the List of Characters):

- getting to know everyone even better

- good talks with various people

- having strangers ask Bizarro Mom and Mr. P if I'm their daughter and having them kind of look at eachother, consider it for a moment, then answer with a semi-yes. :)

- taking walks through the woods

- taking a looong walk with Daisy into a neighboring town, which included fighting our way through private gardens, muddy fields, raging rivers, tunnels, and strange people-less neighborhoods, all in the dark of night. :)

- knitting a scarf with Eleanor

- building a campfire and singing praise songs with Huckleberry, Daisy and the Little Rascal

- interesting, practical seminars

- laughing hysterically about everything from the youth's crazy shenanigans to Eleanor's off-the-wall comments to Bizarro Mom's table manners (or lack thereof). :)

- taking black-mail photos, muahahaha!

- noticing that my age and my immaturity are inversely related... that is, being more immature and free and playful than I've ever been in my entire life. I guess I have to somehow make up for that paranoid-stressed-out-self-conscious child/teenhood.

- observing people and realizing how important body language and the way you carry yourself is in communication

- having excellent examples of God-following-and-fearing people

- sneaking away to play the piano

- finally matching names and faces

Unfortunately, there were a couple of negatives this year as well...

- excruciating stomach ache due to multiple causes

- the fact that Syd stayed home to study and such... even though we missed you, you made the right decision. :)

'Twas a lovely weekend; I'm truly blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend. The word that came to mind as I was reading was "soothing." It's so great to see God working in your life, using you in the lives of others, and just the wonderful relationships you have there. You are blessed (I know you know that).
I love and miss you sweetie.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Mommmmmmm! I love and miss you too. :( It was good talking w/ you the other day.