Friday, August 10, 2012

And she's (maybe, hopefully, who knows?) back!

Yes, my Dear Readers, it's been quite a while, but I might be back. There's nothing like a good wake-up call to make you remember the important things in life... and for me, it took 2.5 weeks of being bed-ridden to realize what's important... and that is, mocking anything and everything around me through an online blog that about 2-3 people read (hi Mom!). Ok, that sounds somewhat cynical... maybe we shouldn't call it "mocking", but "educated cultural commentary." Or something along those lines.

In light of the current US elections, I'd like to give you all a taste of what it's like to live in a country with socialized medicine. Why? Because Obama-Care needs to be voted OUT in the upcoming election.

Like I wrote, I've been sick for 2.5 weeks. Why? Because my doctor is too incompetent to diagnose a simple bacterial infection. She was convinced I had a migraine (although I only had one of the migraine symptoms*) and sent me to the neurologist, who sent me to the pharmacist, who told me to drink a strong cup of coffee because caffeine will cure any headache. Well, the coffee didn't really help, and after visiting the neurologist twice, he sent me back my original doctor, who then told me I was probably just feeling bad due to the weather or because of something "psychological" she can't fix.

Mary: "How can it be the weather? I've felt horrible for over two weeks now."
Doctor: "For some people it just takes longer to get used to the weather. Or maybe it's something psychological?"
Mary: "How should I know?"
Doctor: "Well how should I know?"
Mary: "If you don't know, then who can help me?"
Doctor: "How should I know? I know as much as you."
Mary: "Then check me in to the hospital for all I care, and they'll do a complete investigation."
Doctor: "Frau Barber, I'm not sending you to the hospital for a headache and a little nausea and dizziness."
Mary: "But it's been going on over two weeks. Then what about an antibiotic?"
Doctor: "Well your throat does look pretty bad, I guess I could prescribe you an antibiotic."
Mary: "Fabulous. And what if it's not better next week?"
Doctor: "Of course it'll be better by next week. It's an antibiotic."

Honestly folks, although it's great to be able to go to a doctor, what's the point of going to doctors who give you the wrong diagnoses and don't give a ****? Then I can just as well stay home and stay uninsured. But that's socialized healthcare for you.

Personally, I'd prefer no doctor than a socialized doctor who doesn't give a **** about their patients. And I'd prefer no diagnosis than a false diagnosis. And I'd prefer no medication than the wrong medication. So in the upcoming election, let's vote Obama-Care OUT!  Save the US from socialized health care!

And thanks again, Mom, not only for checking in with me on a daily basis, but also for the absentee voter card!  Hahaha!

*a headache


Anonymous said...

It's so good to see you writing again, and that also must mean you're actually finally feeling better!
I totally agree about the medical care too. I'm not sure why, but government run entities (besides the military) just don't do as well as the private sector, so please let's keep healthcare that way.
I DO love my Mary!

Emiliediehl09 said...

Do you mind if I show this to my coworkers? They would get a kick out of it!
Emilie D.

Mary Elizabeth said...

as long as they promise to vote against Obama-care, go ahead. :P

Emiliediehl09 said...

You should keep writing - I added you to my favorites and I keep checking to see if you've posted again =)