Thursday, May 05, 2011

They did WHAT?

Given the recent world events, I suddenly feel the urge to re-awaken my blog and give my two-cents-worth. After all, it's not every day that one of the most powerful nations in the world executes a stealth operation, undetected by local military forces, assassinating the most-wanted terrorist of modern times. When I first read the news, it shocked me...

Euro-Mary: "Oh my goodness, typical America! What have they done? What are they thinking?"
US-Mary: "Emmm..."
Euro-Mary: "That's just not normal... assassinating someone, dumping his body into the Arabian Sea, openly admitting it on public television, and being fully supported by the entire nation..."
US-Mary: "But murdering thousands of innocent people as a self-proclaimed terrorist-mastermind isn't exactly normal, either..."
Euro-Mary: "But is that right? Is that justice?"
US-Mary: "This is WAR."

One thing that surprised me is the reaction of most Germans I've talked to... for some reason I expected most people here to be somewhat skeptical and even appalled with the recent events (as I was at first), but that's definitely not the case. Even the German Chancellor was quoted saying she supports the actions of the US. Ok, one could argue that it's due to their love-affair with Obama... if Bush had authorized such an assassination, the reaction would have been somewhat different (think: anti-American hate-Fest)... hmm...

Sure, there are many unanswered questions, which is great feed for conspiracy theorists, which is great reading for me when my co-worker is on a cigarette break and I don't really feel like working, either. But seriously, folks, how could Osama be camping out in a mega-fortress in the backyard of the Pakistani-Westpoint-Equivalent for years without the ISI realizing it? And did the US-Government really execute this mission, or was it Aliens? After all, the "helicopters" were undetected in the Pakistani airspace, able to conduct a 40-minute raid without military interference. Brilliant. This is ample proof that Extraterrestrials actually conducted the assassination. Why haven't photos of the corpse been released? Were vegetables the only things grown in the self-sufficient Waziristan compound gardens, or was Marijuana also involved? How could accurate DNA-tests be conducted in such a short time? Should a trial have been held? What did Osama do in his spare time without television and internet access? Wouldn't that be dreadfully boring? And the list of questions goes on...

Questions aside, I've got to hand it to the US Government for taking such swift and deliberate action here... which is something I wouldn't expect from the Obama administration (unless the issue is destroying the country's health care system).

Go Amis.


Anonymous said...

Sure...go Amis...but even more, WAY TO GO NAVY!!!!!!!!

Prathima gangadhar said...
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