Monday, January 05, 2009

Sun and Snow

To Whomever it might interest or concern, I made it back safely to Germany. This time, the only drama was having to go tearing through the airport to catch my international flight, and making it there just as everyone was finishing boarding. But I made it, unlike last year. Life gets better every day.

I've been wanting to post some pictures, but have somehow succesfully procrastinated getting anything done (or maybe it's because I'm too busy being my Ninja-Alter-Ego with fiery poisonous darts)... but as soon as I get the pictures uploaded, I'll post them.

The trip back home this year was great - time with my family, a get-together at our house, a trip to Mexico, coffee by the gallon, running through the dark after wild pigs, sunny weather, and of course a ton of cards. What makes me happiest is that everyone is doing well. That's huge.

My first several days back were great, though I'd best leave the highlights unpublished. Today was the perfect first day of work: driving my car an hour through the snow, working 13.5 hours straight, and dealing with a horrid stomach ache. But thanks to a bar of chocolate, I survived.


Jennifer said...

Hey Mary,

It's the same work email address as before. talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Dear, Mary
You're hilarious!!
Love, Emilie