Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scarborough or Cecily?

So... I bought a new car today... it was kind of a spontaneous thing, but I think it was the right decision. Hehe. And now I need a name for her.


Civil Sarah said...

It depends on the make and model. :) I'm leaning towards Cecily.

And that's quite an impulse buy... I've been pondering a new vehicle for a while, and the thought of blowing that much money at once almost makes me nauseous.

Anonymous said...

you did what??? i´m kind of shocked girl!
could you post a picture? i wanna see how it looks like!

Anonymous said...

hey liebe mary. also ich bin für cecily. aber der name haut mich nicht ganz aus den socken;) wir denke einfach weiter drüber nach. wann kriegste das auto denn?
hdl karin

Anonymous said...

ich wäre auch für nen bild;)