Monday, July 13, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun

Yes, it's been well over a month since I've last written, and the original deadline was one month, but for some reason I needed a little more time. As most of my Dear Readers know, I have what I refer to as "Phases", and this particular Phase was slightly more horrid than most. But, like any situation in life, you live and learn, and hopefully don't repeat your mistakes. Though I unfortunately have a way of repeating mine, but we won't go there.

In the last couple of days or so, I've been doing rather well, which is an absolute miracle. So well, in fact, that I almost got in a car wreck, semi-overdosed on prescription meds, sewed a cute summer-skirt, refer to one of my best friends as an ass, chew out strangers at the supermarket (darn, I'm seriously turning into a German!), bought a pink ice-cream scoop, and pretty much do what I feel like doing. I've even turned into an occasional-you-know-what, which isn't exactly fabulous, but it's definitely better than bawling continuously. On top of that, I'm a brutal damage-inflicting Priestess when I'm not sitting in the office crunching numbers.

I've debated whether or not I should post some of the things I've had to deal with and think through in my life... in the hope of helping someone else know that they're not alone in their struggles, or know that they can overcome certain struggles.

Thoughts? Opinions? To what extent ought one publish personal crap in the internet? :)

There you have my life update, folks, hot off the press and as exciting as ever.


Civil Sarah said...

Well, I for one enjoy hearing personal crap, as much as you are willing to share. I've found that as believers, living in a vacuum is a bad idea. Not only do you miss the accountability, but you are also deprived of the joy of knowing that God can use your experiences for the encouragement and edification of others. :)

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I put in a vote for "share personal crap" although, sometimes when I do this, I regret it. Tough call.

I will say that the first time someone who I barely knew stated, matter-of-factly, that they struggled with depression and they were trying x,y,z, I was shocked. Like, seriously shocked. She said it like you would say you had trouble with asthma and you had tried some different therapies. I realized no one ever shared that information! When I regained composure, I was like "THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT!!!" It was a really positive moment for me. Now, I share that information about myself fairly freely. It probably freaks some people out but it's opened more positive conversations than not.

I think if you present struggles as part of your life's journey, it can be very positive and healing for you and others.

Sarah B